Many wonder why they should use a Swimming Pool Service?  Lets face it, the reason people get a swimming pool is to swim. This seems simple enough but using too many chemical products, or not enough for that matter is the fastest way to make an enjoyable swim unbearable. The improper use of chemical products can lead to chemical imbalance which can create unsafe swimming conditions or over saturation which is commonly a source of a bleach-like odor, green hair, etc.  Water that is not properly balanced and maintained can be very damaging to the swimming pool surface, equipment, and YOU!  Disinfectant, PH, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness are the starting point of balancing your water.  There are other aspects of proper balancing and chemistry that many other companies NEVER check, including phosphates and nitrates.  Don’t you want to make sure that your swimming pool’s water chemistry is correct and done by professionals?

Proper filter maintenance is critical for your swimming pool. Vacuuming and removing debris from surface, along with brushing the walls and tiles, are needed to keep your swimming pool and equipment working well. After all, your home, swimming pool and spa are a large investment - Let Coastal Specialty Services protect these investments for you!

Initial Pool Inspection:

Our first step in a new client relationship is to do a thorough inspection of the pool, equipment, and systems. This inspection helps us to identify the most economical and thorough approach to servicing each pool or spa. This may sound simple and logical enough but we believe that this goes beyond a professional consultation and actually steps into moral duty. If an important item were to be missed it could easily lead to equipment/systems failure that could cost thousands to replace; if unnecessary services are recommended the owners will be paying for services that are not truly needed. So while an initial inspection seems like a logical starting point, we believe it is much more than that.

Another huge benefit to using COASTAL SPECIALTY SERVICES for your swimming pool service, is the fact that we send you a weekly email that tells you what work we performed at your swimming pool, along with a picture of your swimming pool after we are done cleaning it.

Cleaning of Catcher Systems & Baskets:

All pools need to have clean components in order to function properly. This includes catcher baskets, filters, and conduits that allow water to enter into the pool or drain out of the pool. Especially in cases of high use or near foliage it is essential that these systems be in working order to avoid costly maintenance issues down the line.

Skimming, Scrubbing, and Vacuuming:

When people think of pool service it is usually skimming, scrubbing, and vacuuming that comes to mind. While these are essential and highly visible aspects of complete pool care they are just part of what we do in serving your pool cleaning and maintenance needs.

Backwash Filters & Filtration Components:

Much like the filters in your car or home that help create healthy air quality your pool’s filter as well as components are what create healthy water quality for you, your family, and guests. This is why we regularly backwash and clean filters as needed to create the best ongoing water quality possible.